FA5 – Innovative practice to optimise road network delivery

Innovative practice to optimise road network delivery

Optimal preservation of road networks requires a strategic, systematic process of information collection and decision making support. Such systems should generate works programmes to formulate budgets for appropriate levels of service. For these programs to materialise, judicious procurement, asset management and supply chain management is a must.

Topics to be covered in this focus area comprise:

  • road classification and access management
  • innovative surveillance and intervention programs to optimise road condition
  • network databases for road inventories, condition surveys and utilisation
  • data collection and the management of “big data”
  • integration and coordination of transport modes
  • sustainable infrastructure of the future
  • adaptable, automated, and resilient roads
  • performance based maintenance and construction contracts
  • enhancing urban mobility
  • introducing intelligent transport systems in Africa
  • land use and planning