FA4 – Safe Transport by Road

Safe transport by road

Road freight and passengers reaching their destination in an efficient, safe manner is a key success factor in road transport. Three key factors impinge on achieving this goal – the driver, vehicle soundness and the road environment.

The conference will examine topics and practices associated with:

  • the juxtaposition of prescriptive and performance based vehicle standards to underpin safety, efficiency and mitigation of road pavement wear
  • competent and vigilant drivers during journeys;
  • vehicles operating on public roads being sound and equipped for the intended purpose;
  • road appurtenances such as signage, road markings, vehicle restraint systems and ancillary artefacts are conducive to the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians;
  • road designs that promote adequate customer service, safe passage, traffic management and effective law enforcement
  • compliance with legislation to assure safety of road users and workers in work zones
  • identification of roadside hazards
  • road safety through research, legislation, law enforcement and incident management
  • instilling a culture of safety within the workforce
  • performance of national road safety agencies
  • efficient data collection and usage