FA3 – Preserving Africa’s Roads Assets

Preserving Africa’s roads assets

There is much evidence of roads in Africa having been poorly maintained for some decades now which will require billions of US dollars to restore them to a serviceable state. In addition the limited application of comprehensive integrated road management systems hampers a rational approach to address these shortfalls and effective network planning for road construction and improvement schemes.

In addition to the direct costs of the requisite maintenance towards restoring the road network to a serviceable condition excessive road user costs incurred as a result of the poor state of roads in Africa need to be taken into account.

The conference will examine:

  • how this seemingly inexorable degradation of a key infrastructure asset can be stemmed to minimise agency and road user costs
  • sustaining rural road networks providing mobility and access for remote communities to stimulate local economies
  • quantifying damage arising from overloaded heavy vehicles and cost-effective means of limiting such damage