FA1 – Roads Needs and financing mechanisms

Roads needs and financing mechanisms

To assure that investment in infrastructure stimulates both economic and social growth requires coherent road funding/financing policies on the part of governments as well the exploitation of all available resources.

A primary prerequisite for meeting roads needs is their determination. Globally, treasury officials are more inclined to allocate funding for roads based on rational studies, rather than political wish lists.

There is some debate as to the degree to which roads should be provided through public taxation financing or pricing mechanisms. Also, the likely diminished reliability of fuel taxes as a source of future road funding adds to the debate.

The conference will strive to contribute positively to the growing public debate on establishing roads needs and appropriate financing policies and mechanisms for road provision and maintenance, as well as examining the application of these principles and criteria in Africa.

Within this ambit topics will include:

  • mechanisms for establishing roads needs
  • joint public and private sector investment
  • development and implementation of user charging schemes
  • gauging the effectiveness of investments in candidate roads projects
  • social upliftment, poverty alleviation and employment creation through road provision
  • regional economic growth associated with road provision
  • the role of multi-lateral institutions in infrastructure financing