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27 July 2018
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31 July 2018
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10 August 2018

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The Conference Organising Committee is inviting authors to submit papers for SARF/IRF 2018 Conference on Roads to Social and Economic Growth.

Abstracts of the proposed papers, which demonstrate resonance with the focus areas and themes of the conference, are to be submitted to the secretariat for assessment. Once accepted by the technical committee authors will be advised accordingly and requested to prepare their papers.

Phase 2: Submission of Papers

  • Paper will be peer-reviewed prior to final acceptance and publication.
  • Papers will be accepted for oral or poster presentation.
  • Provision will be made for poster presentations of all papers Maximum no of words: 6000
  • Papers should comply with a format template which will be provided.

SARF / IRF 2018 will follow the ‘double blind’ review process

All submissions and presentations are to be in English.

Focus Areas

Call for Abstracts Closed

FA1 – Roads Needs and financing mechanisms
To assure that investment in infrastructure stimulates both economic and social growth requires coherent road funding / financing policies on the part of governments as well the exploitation of all available resources.

FA2 – Optimal Standards
This focus area will cover optimising standards for pavement structure, road geometry, construction, infrastructure capacity. Given the scarce resources of the African continent, road infrastructure should be provided at the lowest possible whole life costs, taking into account all relevant externalities. READ MORE

FA3 – Preserving Africa’s Roads Assets
There is much evidence of roads in Africa having been poorly maintained for some decades now which will require billions of US dollars to restore them to a serviceable state. In addition the limited application of comprehensive integrated road management systems hampers a rational approach to address these shortfalls and effective network planning for road construction and improvement schemes. READ MORE

FA4 – Safe Transport by Road
Road freight and passengers reaching their destination in an efficient, safe manner is a key success factor in road transport. Three key factors impinge on achieving this goal – the driver, vehicle soundness and the road environment. READ MORE

FA5 – Innovative practice to optimise road network delivery
Optimal preservation of road networks requires a strategic, systematic process of information collection and decision making support. Such systems should generate works programmes to formulate budgets for appropriate levels of service. For these programs to materialise, judicious procurement, asset management and supply chain management is a must. READ MORE

FA6 – Roads and the Environment
Both construction processes and road usage impact on the environment in terms of the consumption of non-renewable energy resources, harmful emissions and exposure of the wellness of employees to risks on road contracts. In recent years the roads industry has initiated a number of measures to mitigate the harmful effects of its actions on the environment and exposure of labour to health hazards. READ MORE

FA7 – Education and training in the roads sector
The conference will address means to develop a capable body of practitioners and workforce to underpin cost-effective road investment. READ MORE


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